omgosh this is so much fun I'm beside myself...

girl stuff this month is a drag... my only consolation is that it wont be while I'm on the road!! WOOT!!

and I wanna show off some... I'm making more of these for the site and I can't put them up until this set arrives at the hostess' house and she has her surprise gift. ;)

I know it's not really all rainbowy and girly there... the effect I wanted was really hard with a pan of elementary school water colors and so I went for comic instead of realistic

can you tell who?

hopefully not TOO simple... it was the first thing that came to mind - LOL

water color nouns... DONE!

and for the hostess... because I WANTED to do it as the actual set until I re-read and realized that she's going to divide them and they would make absolutely NO sense in a silly or whimsical way unless they were kept as a set... 

that's the conservatory, btw, if you're not sure. and the envelope has a flap.

I know... absolutely dorky, right? I just thought it might be kind of fun, too.