quick photo blast

new cards

some odd blingy things I'd like to use on cards before I go... LOL

faux encaustic art... LOL (this ought to thrill Clare no end... and she's gonna end up buying some crayola's or other crayons at the pound shop to give it a go, I betcha... LOL  check this out... encaustic artist playing with crayons over a heart.)

and a cat who really seems to know she's about to have the place to herself... 

I was trying to get a picture of the shaved spot on her little skinny leg... and she kept making out with the camera when I'd put it between us... 

so I loved her up and accidentally gave her skinny face syndrome... she's missing 4 more teeth as it is, and part of her neck is shaved... poor thing. I'm embarrassing her on the world wide web.

I think she knows I'm going to be away for awhile. LOL


  1. Hi Ruth! As you can see I found the way to your blog :) And what a lovely and creative blog it is.

    I love that melted crayon piece - I've pinned several as inspiration/ideas to try out myself some day. Those tutorials included a blowdryer though.. did these crayons really melt just by the sun?? Wow. That somehow does make it even more awesome.. next time we have a heatwave I should try it out. Wonder what crayons would melt best.....

    Awww purty kittycat!! She reminds me very much of our Maybe, including her cute little shaved neck! (which btw isn't at all visible on the photos so she does not have to worry!:)) Our Maybe needed some bloodwork done back in September and it still hasn't fully growed back. <3 the old man though regardless of whether he got bald spots or not :)

    Hope you have a creative rest of your weekend.
    ~esther aka craftyvox


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