still learning... lol life is good... I think...

so I posted the following card... then realized it breaks the rules... 
so I replaced "how I met your father" with frog prince
 frog prince

kraft frog... literally was sketching on craft paper and liked him too much to get rid of... his "mirror image" is one you'll see below in the bees ones... I blotted the two pieces of paper together forever ago to dry the drips of glimmer mist... haha... sometimes they come in handy, huh?
(I know... the hoarder's united moto begins with "it might be useful...")

this may be vetoed as "not hand drawn or painted" since officially I stamped the background after I stamped the foreground and then traced around stamped images in white pen to create a "bandana technique" styled card... LOL

another bandana style... :)

beejeweled... gettit? lmao

this one is sold on the background, which you really CANNOT see properly here... like frog prince above, I was playing with texture and metallic and glitter paints and this is what i came up with... and i like them, though next time I don't highlight them, they just are what they are.

and the blotter bee... Rorschach bee... 

omgosh... I still need a bee... wtf am I going to do?
hey, this piece of paper in the scraps pile... is that? I think it could be if I play with it... 

it's a bee... 

and I remind myself to get the final picture... I keep thinking I have time, and these are in an envelope to fly away and never come back... and it's sealed in an envelope already. LOL

picture silvery glossy wings and a border that's "scribble black and white" to frame the image in... :)

this is what I very dorkily use to package the cards for swaps... it's 1/2 of a piece of plastic binder material, a couple pages of EITHER the Helena IR or from the phone book I altered to become a journal... tape the cards in a stack on one side, hostess thank you gift, my mailing label (sometimes just SASE) and a stamp (unless it's already on the envelope) then wrap paper around and tie with paper string... nice and pretty and hopefully secure. 

ttfn... need a quick nap before I figure out what is foods.


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