Inspired! The Making of a Zine...

So it's done! I did it!

For a first Zine I'm very happy with Inspired!

The idea was simple... come up with a zine that breaks my very simple view of art journaling into chunks that anyone can learn from and apply to future art journal pages, regardless of their experience level. Keep it in my own philosophy, keep it straightforward and most of all, keep it authentic to me and still leave it as a product made for other people to utilize.

Some of the sample backgrounds... things created to be used in the zine as texture or layers or examples.

crayon rubbing over coins, die cuts, textured paper and paperclips and rubber bands

paper made by coloring on plastic and spritzing with water then laying clean pages in
the bottom half is colored with similar color crayon and white pen

crayon rubbing on regular paper laid over my gluing paper (a piece I lay down when using glue stick so that I don't get glue on the desk) for texture - this is before I collaged over it so that I could show how simple it looks as just crayon on paper; I ended up using it as a background

the collage elements have been kept to the left so that I could use this as a background

paper made by coloring on plastic wrap and spritzing then laying clean pages in, once dried I did crayon rubbings of coins under the page in different colors and then colored with crayons in some of the white areas

 drawing and doodling papers in different weights, acrylic papers, watercolor paper and even some heavy watercolor stock as a little gift, all tucked into recycled paper envelopes

 ballpoint pens, crayons, pencil, opaque white pen, collage elements and even some washi tape

Next... the journals... and another zine... Inspired! Writer's Journal which combines the prompts from the gift journals I made and utilizes some different tools and design elements to keep them personalized to the individual and still one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork from me.

peace... and if not peaceful then free to explore and really express yourself.


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