Not My New Forever Paints

Dylusions Paints by Ranger

I recently found out about the existence of a thing and ordered that thing within 6 hours of discovery because… well, DYLUSIONS!
If you are familiar with the sprays you know the pigments do things that are lovely and stay vibrant and awesome.

1. Color
Delicious just like the sprays. Semi-transparent… so on paper this is fine and on objects… layering or priming is necessary. Bleeds.

2. Feel
Like butter. This is a finger paint for big kids.

3. Fleixbility
Paper, polymer clay, wood… this stuff is doing it all and looks awesome. Does require multiple coats.

4. Cost
Ouch. Ranger thinks highly of itself and we pay the price.

5. Applicability
This is the hard one. On one hand the color, feel and flexibility are lovely. I think I’ll keep the pots for liquid acrylics later, though. LOL



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