Red Heart Super Saver Yarns

The biggest sell points of this product are the reliable center pull ball, even on big skeins, no dye lot color and super regular quality... I mean... OMG... this is HUGE in a world of amigurumi and millennial baby room design where matching colors and reliable multi-skein purchase is a must.
No dye lot colors in so many varieties that you just cannot go wrong. I love the colors and the reliability of them. Everyone sells them and they're always true and just what you wanted from one skein to the next. Even the jumbo rolls pull out mostly easily, and this is a big deal to me. While I love using my yarn roller and turning my skeins into pull out cakes, it's nice to be able to pull a skein off the shelf and just use it without screwing around with it as happens with the Caron Pound of Love and Fair Isle Liberty skeins and some other brands.

The feel of this yarn right out of the skein is unreliable. Some skeins are soft and others are stiff, hard to soften without washing and tend to become bulky when crocheted even with the recommended size crochet hook. It can also become strangely felted in areas and stay lovely in others over time as though the composition of the yarn is occasionally just slightly different. Like I said, I like this yarn and sometimes I wonder why. There are sometimes crispy spots in the yarn as if it was scorched during the winding process. The drape is awkward so I use a larger hook to give the fabric drape and it makes warm lovely shawls... it does make lovely heavy blankets, no one is better, really. I have afghans on my bed that my mother made for me when I was a kid using this yarn. Hopefully I was honest without giving the impression that I wont use this yarn, because I will. :D

I think this yarn ends up being every bit as economical as the name implies. I can sometimes get a skein for as little as $2.50 for 364 yards (solids, as always, variegated is shorter for cost savings) by watching sales and buying it in bags of 3 or 6 skeins... and the jumbo rolls for as little as $6.00 for 744 yards (solid colors.)

This is the best user friendly yarn on the market. I always recommend this for beginning fiber artists of all types. Whether you want to crochet or knit or craft with regular yarns Red Heart Super Saver cannot be beat. Tons of colors, standard weights, reliably center pull skeins that make the horror of ball rolling and yarn winding really more a choice than a requirement and reliable quality time after time for a price that doesn't break the beginner budget.

Like I said, I hate it when I have to be straightforward and honest about a thing I use and know isn't necessarily the bestest. For the cost and the reliability there is no other yarn that comes even remotely close to Red Heart Super Saver yarn... period end. It isn't the softest and isn't even my second choice for shawls or ponchos and I have to admit that every one of my most favorite amigurumi and stuffies and a dozen really gorgeous blankets have been made from this awesome reliable and durable yarn.