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Lurvkin Merpeople... free pattern

This is a free pattern adaptation of the original Lurvkin pattern found here on this blog. here you are seeing Premier Home Cotton and Home Cotton Glitz in their  colors and some I dyed myself. this is a worsted weight yarn (5mm hook) - the doll is 11" tall Supplies
Yarn of equal weights for all parts of the doll. You can use any weight yarn just be sure that the body and tail are made on the same size hook and same weight of yarn.
I used worsted weight yarn for the blue haired doll and DK weight yarn for the orange haired doll in the pictures and samples shown here.
I used 3 colors on the bigger dolls: one for tail and bra, one for body and one for hair.
3.5mm crochet hook - fingering weight yarn AND adding hair to girl merpeople
4mm crochet hook - DK weight yarn
5mm crochet hook - worsted or aran weight yarn
2 safety eyes or buttons - 12mm on fingering, 14mm on DK and 16 or 18mm on worsted weight
locking stitch marker - I use one so I can keep track of my place
darning or yarn n…

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