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rant... and ch ch ch changes...

one new thing coming soon... shrink plastic badges... original artwork  buttons in the shop? maybe, yeah... and I'm bringing back the button jewelry...  I think quick (144 seconds?) infomercials on YouTube to explain and share and maybe even inspire?  We'll see. LMAO also coming soon... resin jewelry... perhaps some kawaii, but really...  most people don't even know what it means... (you think I'm wrong? how many people post kawaii cute or say this cute little kawaii thing? I know... I know... they mean "what the Japanese call cute" thing... and... yeah. it's like "steampunk" "amigurumi" and "kitsch." I'll never win so might as well give in.)
who am I?

I don't really know, I change with the wind and color of my moods... and I'm always crafty, always creative and work really hard to always be nice... that's what I know. And I'm always fragile... easily bruised by the meanness that others seem to own as t…

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