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Squid Dice Bag - For our Gamer Friends

Super fun... SQUID bags!
Dice... sundries... makeup... whatever you need a little bag FOR... :D
Crochet Level - Advanced Beginner/Confident Beginner
Crochet Skills Required - Single Crochet, Double Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Slip Stitch, Increase, Decrease, Working in the round, Back Loop Only, Front Loop Only, Skipping Stitches

50 yards or so of yarn - I used worsted weight, fingering/sock weight and DK weight yarns all resulting in slightly different sizes and otherwise perfect results. The larger the yarn the larger the squid and the more room in the bag.
5mm crochet hook - Fingering/sock weight and DK yarns
5.5mm crochet hook - Worsted weight yarn
Darning or yarn needle
Stitch marker for keeping track of your rounds
Safety Eyes or Buttons - I used 12mm safety eyes that I painted or plain black
Very small amount of fiber fill or yarn scrap as stuffing for the eyes

BLO = Back Loop Only, work only in the back loop of the crochet stitch in the previo…

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