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morse code friendship bracelet tutorial - in 144 words or less

1. Unless you KNOW Morse Code you will need a translator. SCPhillips 2. Translate your word into Morse Code. HUMAN = .... ..- -- .- -. 3. I used white beads for dashes and colored ones for dots. I knot between letters. BeachArtzJoAnn 4. Choose your beads. I lay them out first. 5. String should be at least 30" long, mine is 50" because it's doubled. 6. String your beads. I started in the middle because I know it. You can start at either end. Leave at least 7" at the ends and remember knot before you begin. LOL  I used a slip knot on each end. Here are two quick tutorials to show you how on YouTube. CanalCraft Beading Beadaholique This is another way that's a little easier and also requires you to knot both ends of your string and have extra string as well. Aquila2878
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