moar atc

1. I don't think art journaling or mixed media art has touched Helena, MT
     if it has, they aren't talking about it, doing anything at the craft store or otherwise showing it

2. I could teach this... I'd have to get permission from the folks I'm still learning it FROM and... it can be done

I went to Ben Franklin crafts and I bought some paper, some spray ink and some bits and pieces

these are what came from some copper colored spacers, some blingy bits, some paper, some tissue (I got the 7Gypsies paper I wanted!) and some paint and pens and glue...

not bad if I do say so myself... though they're not perfect and I can count the ways, they're kinda cool and I like them. it's a start.

I didn't photograph the art journal page... I've got stories to read and some other stuff to do before work tomorrow... so it can wait.