custom custom custom and kindnesses so great they are overwhelming...

I may have mentioned I'd traded my first altered journal to a member at AFA... the crazy woman went nuts and gave me soooo many incredible things and bits and OMGOSH... it's amazing. And then she gave me the money for shipping!!! I'll break it into $1's and use it as kindnesses along the way...

I made this for a girl who is very patiently waiting for me to tell her if someone ELSE gets the card she wanted only to find out that he did... :( I figured it was only fair to make her one of her own that was created only for her... and then give her the chance to see it and tell me it's just not at all right, or to tell me that I can send it to her with the card that was her second choice.

all put together


backs and the little mini card on the coolest paper ever.

And I have 2 custom cards to make... so really it's more like 10... since EVERYONE has asked me for gulls and sea birds and stuff... LOL if I have to look them up to make them then... well... I might as well do a whole series of them, right? 

overachiever much? ja... I know.

and while I'm posting pictures of stuff I've done today... 



ttfn and I have still not heard back on the job... so its time to get busy on Kel and Corbin's stuff so the phone will ring!!!


  1. Love the smash card!! You were very busy today. Great set of cards.


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