Squid Dice Bag - For our Gamer Friends

Super fun... SQUID bags!
Dice... sundries... makeup... whatever you need a little bag FOR... :D

Crochet Level - Advanced Beginner/Confident Beginner
Crochet Skills Required - Single Crochet, Double Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Slip Stitch, Increase, Decrease, Working in the round, Back Loop Only, Front Loop Only, Skipping Stitches

50 yards or so of yarn - I used worsted weight, fingering/sock weight and DK weight yarns all resulting in slightly different sizes and otherwise perfect results. The larger the yarn the larger the squid and the more room in the bag.
5mm crochet hook - Fingering/sock weight and DK yarns
5.5mm crochet hook - Worsted weight yarn
Darning or yarn needle
Stitch marker for keeping track of your rounds
Safety Eyes or Buttons - I used 12mm safety eyes that I painted or plain black
Very small amount of fiber fill or yarn scrap as stuffing for the eyes

BLO = Back Loop Only, work only in the back loop of the crochet stitch in the previous round
CH = Chain
DC = Double Crochet
DEC = Decrease, work two of the same stitch together
F/O = Finish Off
FLO = Front Loop Only, work only in the front loop of the crochet stitch in the previous round
HDC = Half Double Crochet
INC = Increase, work two of the same stitch in the same space
MR = Magic Ring
SC = Single Crochet
SK = Skip number of stitches indicated in pattern
SL ST = Slip Stitch
(#) = Number of stitches in this round

A few notes/tips:

  • The only really fiddly bit in this pattern is the moment when you switch from 6A to 6B, don't panic... what is the absolute worst that could happen if your squid belly is 1 stitch smaller or larger than someone else's? This is an incredibly forgiving pattern that just WANTS to be made personal.
  • Longer legs are cooler. So are more legs, if you wanted to just adjust the pattern and only skip one stitch all the way around to make more, that would be awesome. I'd love to see!
  • A bead could be added to the tie before you knot it, if you wanted to add something nifty.

and now... SQUID!!!
Eyes First! Make 2
Round 1: 6 SC in MR (6), sew in after Round 2 (don't draw as tight if you're adding a safety eye.)
Round 2: INC in each around (12)
Round 3: SC then INC and repeat around (18)
Round 4: SC in each around (18)
ADD SAFETY EYE (I push it through the hole in the middle from the MR then add the washer)
Round 5: SC then DEC and repeat around (12) F/O with a long tail for sewing to the squid body
I add my stuffing now, and really, I only add enough that the safety eye doesn't press into the body of the bag when the eyes are squished.
Set these to the side when finished.
The Bag... finally!
Round 1: 6 SC in MR (6), sew in after Round 2
Round 2: INC in each around (12)
Round 3: SC then INC and repeat around (18)
Round 4: 2 SC then INC and repeat around (24)
Round 5: 3 SC then INC and repeat around (30)
ok, breathe... fiddly... not actually as scary as it looks...
 Top of stitch from previous Round forms a V - FLO means only the FRONT of the V
Like this... take it easy for the first few and it'll be easy peasy, I promise. :D
Round 6A: FLO SL ST into the loop and then CH 15-20, depending on how long you want the leg to be. Working back along the bottom of the CH (see photos below) beginning from the 2nd CH from your hook SL ST, then alternate 1 SC and 2 SC all the way back up to your original SL ST, working in this as well.
EX: on a CH 15, beginning from 2nd CH from hook, SL ST, SC, 2 SC, SC, 2 SC, SC, 
2 SC, SC, 2 SC, SC, 2 SC, SC, 2 SC, SC, 2 SC
 the TOP of the CH looks like this
 the BOTTOM is here, where there's a single dashed row of loops
Working in the bottom of the CH leaves a finished edge along the back of the tentacle
Round 6A Cont.: After finishing work on the CH, SK 2 stitches and SL ST into the FLO of the next stitch. (see photo below) To begin the next leg SL ST into the next stitch. (see photo below)
Remember... breathe...
 See here... the point of the hook is showing you the "next stitch" to work in.
The next leg begins in the 5th stitch from the start of this round... 
Because 8 doesn't go into 30 evenly, I worked my legs in THIS pattern: 1st, 2nd, 3rd legs SK 2 between SL ST, 4th leg only SK 1 then repeat. 5th, 6th, 7th SK 2 between SL ST and 8th leg only SK 1.
Ok... almost there... 
Round 6B: BLO 4 SC then INC and repeat around (36) Move your stitch marker into the end of this Round.
 When you secure the final SL ST on leg 8 you are looking at the bottom of your squid
(this is the outside of the bag pictured here)
 the leftover BLO are behind the Round of legs when you turn the squid over
(this is the inside of the bag pictured here)
 Your first stitch wants to hide up under the first SL ST that you made in Round 6A
I fold the legs under my thumb on the bottom of the bag so that I can more easily see 
the BLO and work into them.
At the end of Round 6B your first stitch of Round 7 may be "tilted" a little because you came from the other side to get here. If you're unsure, count your stitches to be sure.
Rounds 7-10: HDC in each stitch around (36)
Round 11: 10 HDC then DEC and repeat around (33)
Round 12: HDC in each stitch around (33)
I add the eyes here (this is why I suggested they be made first) 
The eyes are placed approximately 7-8 stitches apart with the bottom in Round 6B and the top in Round 9. 
 here he is, already lookin' at ya! :D
 I attach the eyes with a whip stitch that goes down into the bag and back up through both parts of the stitch in the eye then right back down into the bag, catching around stitches as I go.
 (through both stitches in the eye and around stitches as I go)
 he is really pretty forgiving... 
finish off by sewing in your ends on the inside of the bag.
(NOTE: see here that there's 7 stitches between the top of the eyes and only 6 at the bottom. 
Nobody is perfect. Nobody.)
Round 13: 9 HDC then DEC and repeat around (30)
Rounds 14-17: HDC in each stitch around (30)
Round 18: DC in each stitch around (30)
 You'll be alright. I know it jogs the Round, it will come together.
Rounds 19-20: HDC in each stitch around (30) F/O and sew in your end.

The drawstring:
If you're crocheting your drawstring and not using ribbon or lace then for regular length closure I find that a CH of 45 is perfect. Go longer if you like a dangly string. I wouldn't recommend shorter.
I begin by feeding my drawstring in from the back outside of the bag right where that DC row jogged away from itself leaving a tail and then I carefully feed OVER 3 DC, then UNDER 3 DC all the way around (carefully because if you accidentally stitch THROUGH the yarn you're gonna be sad, it wont draw properly and may not even feed through the place where you split the stitch on the DC. Work slowly and carefully) On the last stitch I duck the drawstring under the jogged row and out the same hole where I started. I knot the ends of the string together and trim the tails.
 (jogged DC row)
 (OVER 3, UNDER 3 - carefully)
(jog up to the hole you started in)
Depending on the hook and yarn sizes you can make this bag large enough for a real LOT of dice, or small enough for just a chapstick and some cash in your squid.
Please tag me at 12SquaredCreations on Instagram and let me see what you've made! I love seeing how you customize these patterns and make these projects truly your own! :D As always... make, sell, gift any and all of these that you want. Just please give me credit as the original designer. Life is made for sharing... 

And geek away, for whatever reasons you need a squid bag! Yeah, that's MY book, my character sheet peeking out and I did make all of these as gifts for real life friends who play DnD with me... just in case you're wondering. LOL I rock my nerd, it's the only way I know to be. 

Yarn pictured here on WORKING photos is worsted weight sparkle indie dyed yarn from ColourRedefined on Etsy in colorway Mr. Blobby
Dark Squid and Lavender/Mossy Squid are created from indie dyed worsted weight yarns purchased from AstraeaMeris on Etsy
Rainbow Squid behind the Mr. Blobby one is created from worsted weight Birthday Cake colorway made by indie dyer Camelot Dyeworks LLC on Etsy
Awesome Fallout Theme Coaster is from Bestowagift on Etsy
I painted all of the safety eyes seen in these photos. I also purchase painted safety eyes from IdaHerter and black standard safety eyes from 6060 on Etsy.

(I'm not getting kickbacks, I just believe we should always share when we find awesome suppliers or artists who support our work. I love creating amigurumi and bags and gifts using hand-dyed yarns from indie dyers. They're more original, more colorful and often really amazing supplies to work with, and if it isn't fun for you TOO why do it?)


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