ever just have a spaz-gasim and go with it?

I had an idea about the "bandana technique" stuff that totally sucked my brain in the other day... what if I color a light colored cardstock with a black print on it... and then line in someone else's design in any way I like in white?

take some bits of card stock and a cut up crazy 8's card and  library cards (did I say I finally got blue ones? OMG... squee... anyway) distress or "daub" them with ink (I'm using folded paper towel rather than spending tons of cash on daubers... the single dauber I bought was CRAZY expensive so it remains unopened and saved for a special occasion. lmao) until you have the desired color effect - some of these are pastels and some are neon, I'm not so good that I could do them that faded... 

an idea of what it starts to look like as you go along with white pen tracing the pattern and making it your own by choosing what to highlight or not to highlight.

finished sheet (except up in the top right side in the blue, I forgot to dot a circle with dots like all the others... I caught it when I cut it down and made my ATCs of it, though)

cut down and ready... the dragonflies are an example of how much you can change the nature of a thing with a little ink on a napkin... and you'll see how much they changed again here inna sec when I show the three cards that came from these bits.

 carroll 6
 silhouette tree
with the fishes

totally different from what they started out as, and somehow also just right... 



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