metal tape art a'la Ruth... with examples from Spirit Soul and RachO113...

kk... so this really is kinda my thing... I like color in everything, even distressed metal...

and I give full credit to Spirit Soul at AFA and to RachO113 for having the techniques down enough that I could pick it up from the very first card and make things that people would oooh and ahhh over even though I was still learning and am still learning on each card.

So from the start...
watch RachO113's video and you'll see.

and this is the finished card... :)

ttfn... and I hope this was helpful. often I find that the biggest questions in our minds have to do with the "but what am I supposed to do to make this thing interact properly with the other thing" sorts of quandaries, and unfortunately, you just have to try it and if you don't like it do it another way next time. that's why I make ATCs... to learn new processes in a smaller, more controlled medium.


  1. These are awesome! I've been wanting to do something like this but keep getting distracted.
    You did a great job. Its fun trying new techniques.

  2. Thank you! I was missing the step of using the black paint first. Mine turned out with too much color and not enough contrast.


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