so I've noticed that I get discouraging words and run with them...

until I could say "in yo face!" as a result. it would be nice if I could do this with other elements of my life and not just the art journal/ATC sort of elements... and then, perhaps that's why it's also called journaling... since it helps you clear your mind while you think you're thinking about something else entirely. HAHA

not to say that I'm some world class Artist (said arteest, btw) or anything... and the very few very blunt "you can't do this, it's just way above you" or "out of your league" folks really actually crawl under my skin and piss me off... "not to be discouraging, or anything..."

So here's some more of my cards. LOL

created and sent to Bristol, England to a girl named Clare who is just absolutely AWESOME... :)

moar backgrounds and bits to show what I've been doing

 likely as close to Zentangle as I'll ever get, to be honest... I just don't really have the patience or skill for the other, and I'm ok with that... totally.



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