where my art happens

and what you're seeing when you look at this disaster area... 

note the gaming mat... gods help me. WOOT WOW LICH KING! 

so this is where I create from... a mostly tidy-ish desk that is monsterously large and still manages not to be quite big enough when I have lots to do, so that there are old shelves with things taped to them propped up against everything. 

that is all... not really a tour and still, it gives the idea.



  1. So this is where your creativity is brought to life. I'm very impressed, its very tidy and organised, everything looks in easy reach. Beautiful space I'm a wee bit jealous lol.

    1. ugh... I replied and it didn't take. I love blogger.

      After seeing how Jennibellie and some of the other artists I most admire work, I feel like I'm a bit spread out and decadent in my space... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrO7_Lx7x7U&list=PL93F1B25E60CD04BB&index=2

      Jennibellie works in an old Ikea cabinet. LOL


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