wow... sometimes life comes together in a wicked cool way...

oh... I found these incredibly bizarre coasters that will make it into art even if they become the book that is the art... and I found a way to use the packaging in a card I did for an AFA blind trade... 

(I know, everyone is gonna get so tired of this background before I'm done using it)

ok, each thing on this card is actually a picture representing one of the "coasters" I found in packs at Target for a buck (well, long story short I THOUGHT it was a buck, they were actually 3 bucks and I bought 4 of them without checking... *le sigh*

that lace is sewn to a piece of denim that has been painted AND beaded... sadly the little fluffy string bits were very unhappy with me using the heat gun to dry the glue - LMAO

you know, I didn't do much work on this... and I was so happy with how it was I didn't want to change it... even though I only added some cut out leaves and a little metallic and glittery detail on the exiting artwork... I liked him this way. 

the flower is cut from an old bandana I bought to turn into a purse and stitched down to the piece of cloth... more fluffy string and this time I didn't use glue specifically so that I could leave it fluffy... I stitched the cloth to the paper instead... and I like the look.

and me liking it is 1/2 the battle, right?

ttfn... backgrounds to make and more pictures to take and cards to assemble!!!

rather than add a whole post for some backgrounds, I'll put the pics here... 

and I'm in the same boat I was in before, it's time to log and OMG... I love color and I wanna create NAO not tomorrowz.

I give you ONE guess which is my NEW favorite... LMAO

and these are random bits and pieces... like with the other one, I have a lot of bits I don't want to part with and that aren't really big enough for an ATC back... and they CAN become goodness ON pages or ATCs, so they are not going away. haha

I DID warn... I think I've finally gone around the bend.

time for Dexter... ugh... if you EVER thing your life is weird or messed up, give him a try. heh


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