18 pics again... and I'm MOROSE... at least no backgrounds this time!

soooo many more cards. lmao

I'm calling these graffiti style... I'm not sure what style they really are. They're happy and fun and not too bad for a first attempt. LOL

moar later. I have food to eat, shower to take, movie to go to (because I kinda worried honey that I collapsed so bad over not getting the Joann's job and he's trying to make it better) and then job to find and cards to make. And perhaps I'll figure out a way to make money from this, yet.



  1. Sorry to hear about the job. I hope you find something soon! Have you tried selling your cards on etsy or ebay? I recently reopened my etsy store to sell prints and cards of some of my art with the hope of making enough money to at least cover most or all of my art supplies. Haven't sold anything yet though. :( I'm not a very social person so I suck at promoting my site.

    Love your cards!! I can't decide which is my favorite. Maybe either dancer #3 or the heart.


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