another OMG post full of pictures... LOTS of pictures

and a plan...

these may be duplicates... for some reason I seem to have had some out on my desktop... playing with color and texture and lines... simple and fun.

more thumbing my nose at the purists who want all art on art paper... notebook paper IS art paper if it is what you have and Art is what you want to do... 

something new for me, I cut and mounted them THEN textured... I like treating each one as an individual canvas.

Things I wish they'd taught in school... and I had to learn elsewhere.

1958 Canadian Newspaper... distressed with inks and paint, glued to backing and acrylic and pen details added.

these were a pain in the ass. I just couldn't get them to where I liked them in layer after layer, and when I stumbled on the pastel acrylic idea it worked for me. Man I need GOOD pens, not just ok pens. 

haha... moar metal tape art... with bits that someone sent to me and inspired me with!

and it started a trend... now I want to make more and everyone is making them! ;)

the newest project... halloweenish... right before christmas-ish which is likely to tick some folks off... since I don't think "father christmas" is all about christmas.

And I have to say, I do see a style emerging... I like color. I always have, why this surprises me I'm not sure. :) semi-abstract? I don't know. :) I wanna just keep playing. 

someone else can name the style.



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