so honey dropped the challenge...

if this is what I want to do and I think I can make money from it... then do it

so I'm going to see what I can make in the next 2 days... and take a look again at what it will sell for... and if it looks like I can do it, then I'm going to start listing on Etsy and do this full time for a bit... and leave both temp companies alone for a bit.

you may end up getting homemade for Christmas... or cards and an "I love you."

just warning you

here are the baby journals I made as a test...

this one and then I'll post the second when I'm done sewing...

covers - without closures yet

signatures contain one type of paper each
water color paper, sketch paper, colored typing paper, magazine paper
pages measure 2.5x3.5" - a familiar size for those addicted to ATCs
a chance to try your hand at mixed media journaling without the risk of a big scary blank page

coptic stitched

lays flat for easier painting and journaling

button closures on both sides so that you can wrap or just tie a pretty bow on the other 
side to leave more room in the book for thicker artwork and collage

leap and nature will find the net. a wise friend just told me that.

ttfn more updates and LOTS of them

including pics of what's in the "can be sold or included in sale pieces" pile

hey, remember these? 
lavender and green is mixed media 
Have You Heard This is writing paper only

modified manilla folders, little tag books, accordion journals, japanese stab stitched journals 
and even some funky folded page journal stuffers

and the back to back journals... haven't done anything with them yet! LOL

So I have lots of journal stuffers and lots of cereal boxes... perhaps time to get crackin'!

more updates as I have them.


  1. Wow! These are gorgeous, I would definitely buy 1 or 10 lol
    You have such amazing talent, hunny is right you can make money doing this. Your awesome.


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