so much to do and so many questions...

like am I just a control freak?

and why am I dragging my feet? am I afraid to be successful or do I know something I can't convince anyone else of?

first... jennibellie style journal... one of two alike enough not to need to show them both


  1. I agree with you about "orignial" work, not including stamps etc. You have a very striking and original style, I would encourage you to feel comfortable in that style, I love that I can tell something is created by you before I see who created it, I think that's a good thing!
    Stick to the goals you've set, you can do it, your awesome!

  2. thank you! lol you're so awesome! xxoo

    I feel like a jerk for being so opinionated about the stamps... and at the same time you only have to search pinterest or etsy or any of the photo feed spots to see what I'm talking about. I'm actually editing this post to include some pics I snapped on my mac yesterday...

    oh and Clare? I know what you're getting for the holidays already! I found them and can make them and I think you'll like it!


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