Random Acts of Kindness Should be Business As Usual

A random act of kindness is a little something extra out of the blue or included in a regular communication that changes the tone from expected to unexpectedly pleasant and memorable. There are many ways to do this in your day to day life that have less to do with art and more to do with kindness, and that said, any opportunity to afford kindness and share your art with others is a good thing.

Sending irregularly shaped objects can be an invitation to be creative and have some fun that shows the moment that the recipient opens their mail.

School Supplies 13oz. or Less - giverslog

When sending something expected it takes almost no effort to transform it into something delightfully unexpected and wonderful to receive. 

Dress up whatever you are mailing, whether purchased from your Etsy shop or in an art swap.

There are other methods of sending greetings, gifts and unexpected kindnesses... below are a couple of examples of ways that random acts of kindness can be made a part of every day communications. 
Brinner - It's Not Easy Being Green

thank you Jennibellie for the inspiration and tutorials!

Mail Art is another fine tradition.

 and my own first piece of mail art... hand colored envelope, stamped and doodled

front and back. :)

Another method of making mail art for your larger parcels and packages without having to do all of the work by hand would be to print your own work or even to use magazine or newspaper pages and cut them down to wrap around like bands around the envelope and glue them in place and then secure your labels over them or incorporate void spaces to accommodate your addresses and postage stamps or labels.

The few minutes it takes to add a little something more to a package or communication can make the difference between making someone else's day or just simply managing to do what you were expected to do.

And you already know I want everyone to be unexpected! Give it a try. There is something incredibly liberating about that first piece of mail art or the first time you tuck a surprise into a greeting card or thank you note.

peace... and if not peaceful then always fun to receive and do business with!