art vs. crafting and coming soon!

On Sunday I read an amazing post by Jenny Doh that articulated for me a number of my own feelings and experiences since I started my journey through art journaling and rediscovering the artist in me.

To sum up her very well worded article, which you can get to by clicking here, the difference between art and craft is the difference between creating purely from yourself and your emotion in whatever medium you choose to create in and following a list of instructions with previously detailed materials or ingredients.

And I can breathe a deep sigh of relief because she made the leap over the hurdle for me.

I encourage everyone I know to create and to love what they do from themselves as a part of themselves. I encourage everyone I know to be an artist first and to craft later.

My art becomes crafting in the execution sometimes... from making little pieces of art that become ATCs and that have a very specific form to be adhered to and particular trading rules and packaging and mailing requirements to covering books and journals and binding them. My covers, my artwork, are all original... the products become crafted items.

Having this definition for myself actually frees me, slightly, as I set about branding myself and my pieces and marketing them.

 Moonlight Inspired ATC Album and Inside View

Blast From The Past ATC Album and Inside View

Matchbook Style ATC Travel Album

Different angles and assortments of the products listed.

Peace, and if not peaceful then always seeking and discovering!


  1. Looking through your site. Wow. I love your art and style


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