Couples' Writer's Journal

I wanted to make a special gift for a friend who has done a bajillion and one wonderful things for me in the time that we have been friends. I am still working on the part of his gift that is only for him... a hand bound and illustrated short story and poetry collection that's entirely my own work. This journal is something that has been a self-actualization project as much as it has been something I wanted to make for him. Or rather, as a gift for his girlfriend that the two of them can share.

Let me give you the very brief back-story because I think it matters here. My friend has had a few very incredibly fun relationships and is currently in a relationship with a lady who is as clever and open and sharing as he is, and more. She is encouraging him to do and experience things that I've never seen him do before and she is so important to him that he is even inspired to artistic and romantic gestures that are unusual for him. At first I'd planned a journal, something little... and then it occurred to me that one of the most beautiful and amazing things that the pair of them have shared is writing together, a gift I've never really been given or explored in my own relationships.

And so the idea of a writer's journal for couples was born.

And the more I worked on it the more clear it became that this part of the gift needed to belong to her, and not to him. She needed to share it with him and because I love him and he loves her, giving it to her was the only way that I could really share it with them both.

The writing prompts, tips and tools include a number of unusual or clever methods that fit better in this sort of format than they would in any other one. Playing cards to draw the subject of the story, prompts for coming up with story ideas or themes, games that drive quick short stories and prompts of all different sorts to get communication and creativity flowing.

Scattered throughout the book are little cards and pieces of my own artwork or altered artwork (for instance the playing cards above that have 5 layers of paint and ink on them) around a purple color theme with some blue because my friend likes blue better than purple. There are even tags, cards and bookmarks that can be used in other books.

Peace... and if not peaceful then sexy and sharing and all about someone else!


  1. You have such great ideas! This is awesome! Your friends are really going to like it!

  2. Thank you, Mel! I'm sorry I didn't see this comment sooner, I think I had my settings on my gmail account wonky. Fixed now! You're such a rock star, lady. :)


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