Inspired! Tuesday

Prompts from my Inspired! Art Journaling and Writer's Journal zines…

you know what I hate most? finding a typo after all the hard work I did
to cull them all… after they are printed and listed for sale.
Do YOU see it? LMAO

From the Writer's Journal Zine

"It's the most amazing thing, Julia!" Eunice set her little porcelain cup to the side and leaned closer to her expectant friend. "You simply must give it a try! One sip and I've got this gorgeous effervescent spice on my tongue. It almost tickles." With a girlish giggle Eunice leaned back in her seat again and mulled the gorgeous leftovers in her mouth and closed her eyes with a slight smile. When she spoke again her voice was husky and deep with thought. "The tingle and heat of it gets you before you get a chance to feel how sweet and crisp it is. If you just hold it there for a moment then you can feel the tart crisp sweetness of it. So clean and bright and then the warmth builds from your belly and reminds you that you're still tasting that sparkly heat. What an experience!" Eunice opened her eyes and snatched up the cup, tipping the remainder of the vivid red liquid into her mouth without another word.

"Eunice, only you would drink Pomegranate glitter tea. I'm sure of it."

From the Art Journaling Zine

And what resulted…

I'm only sad that you can't see the detail of the color on kids' drawing paper or the way the glitter crayons and pens shine. This is just a little thing as an example because I had the crayons and the snowmen here to play with.

it is SO possible to do this any time for any purpose… here are the pieces in my Inspired! Art Journaling zine, I used the same materials that I provided (save the markers) to create the whole zine… a "put your money where your mouth is" thing, really…

 crayon only… die cuts, paperclips, coins, rubber bands
 crayon only over the texture of leftover glue on a scrap piece of paper
 and with collage elements on top
 blotted kids' marker on plastic wrap and then coins with crayon
 layers… under journaling with doodling and crayon rubbings over the top
collage over rubbed background of crayon on paper with white pen

Every one of these has a different look. With just a couple of colors of crayon and some practice you can create incredible backgrounds with almost no effort and a maximum amount of fun! The only folks insisting that you require $100's of dollars worth of specific products are the folks selling those products or who have been suckered into buying them.

peace… and when it is not peaceful color with crayons or make up a silly scene in your head to write… you get a whole new view of the world with the smells of crayons and the image of sipping glitter tea in your mind!


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