Product Testing For My New Journal…

I received a wonderful gift from a friend at the start of the month, here are the photos after the fact… each day for 25 days I received a different little something something from this artist for use in my art and the last 5 days were pieces of her own artwork. Here's the stuffs… :)
 bling, punchinella, sticker paper, die cut shapes and tags, bottle caps, photo slides, markers, pens, paint brushes, washi tape, ribbon, her own artwork to use as journaling cards (like someone else's art pops, I suppose) and SO much more… 

that second picture is my new art journal… and now one of four journals that are going to feature highly all year, with my primary being the new flat journal from Melissa.

I have the Writer's Journal and Art Journals I'd already made for myself… I have the new Shared Journal Experience that my friends and myself are beginning together and now also the flat journal… 
Well, in preparation to use my new journal I knew that flat media would be required, I don't really even want to add a lot of thinner papers to it. 

So I wanted to test some of my new and existing flat media supplies to see what I think of them. 
I have collected a vast number of choices… :)
Crayola Crayons

Faber Castell EcoPencils Colored Pencils 

Koi Water Colors

 Faber Castell Aquarelle Water Color Pencils

Faber Castell Water Color Crayons

Prismacolor NuPastel

Faber Castell Gelato

peace be your journey… and when it is not peaceful let it be miraculous in gifting and receiving and following where your heart leads!