Why I Squidge My Paint

I have not taken a formal art class since junior high school, grade 6, I believe, which would make me 12. 

I squidge my paint using a cheap plastic and nylon child's paint brush (called a Chubby Round) because, well… that was the first tool I picked up and I liked the result. I have since tried other methods, and, I don't like them as well. I'll have to learn some, though, since I'm almost out of these paint brushes and this method is wicked hard on them. LOL

first part of the video

second part of the video

home made foam stamp, drew with a ballpoint pen on the cheapest craft foam I could find and cut down manila folders from the dollar store

I squidge my paint because that's how I learned it and I'm happy with my technique.

Peace, and if not peaceful, then always creative and fun… :)