Some Videos… Gelato Fun, Layering and Just Creating

I haven't found my stride yet for creating videos.

Here is one with too many words. I refuse to script myself and then forget to read my notes anyway. LMAO

Gelato on paper… just showing how they blend and how quickly they become something else entirely…

And with this I should say there are 2 things I could have pointed out… gelatos are very pigment rich and always water soluble… I try not to layer color on color when I'm still blending the colors because I like the layered look of colors that allow a little color to show through, thus I use the textured paper.

And MORE tons of talking… building layers… a reminder in type because it's not as clear in the video… gesso, texture paste, color, more texture paste or similar patterns, more color, metallic if I'm going to use it, highlights and lowlights, more texture if I'm going to use it… then details with pens.

Also… the texture paste I love most is called Susan Scheewe Texture Medium and is released by Martin F Weber… click the name for the link to Amazon. An 8oz. jar lasted forever (by this I mean more than 6 months.) I'd give one warning that I didn't know until it was too late… even with the jar closed this product and others like it tend to evaporate… you can solve this by using a piece of plastic wrap laid in and screwing the cap down after you have opened the jar. 

Finally… just creating without much talking. I breathe in time to the music, sort of a silent humming… I'm not panting like I'm sitting here unable to breathe, it's just disconcerting how clearly you'll be able to hear me. LOL Another "lesson" to use for another video later. This is what it sounds like… just me painting and creating a card that will be given away later. :) (I think Jemma deserves a little something she can see up close and personal to demonstrate the "layers" better than a picture can do… don't you?)

and… PICTURES… because it's pretty to share color on a page!!!

front and back of Jemma's card 1 (already in the mail - if you don't like them pay them forward, that's the rules, right? LOL)

front and back of Jemma's card 2

and some of my own journaling cards… and then the bookmark with the gelatos!

lol. color. lots of color. :D


  1. I used both of these cards in an upcycled journal I made from manila files. It's called Thoughts on Becoming a Presbyterian. Sorry it took me so long! They were so pretty I just kept them to look at for a while. I also used the cards as a jumping off point for a journaling class I did yesterday. THANK YOU!!


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