a few of the things on my mind

I had a momentous epiphany the other day and have been absorbed in trying to sort it out…

this is going to be a post of pictures, really… to get them all out here.

First, I read an article… and it moved me past anything I've ever read. Long story short, because it will be a very long story indeed no matter how I try to tell it, I've spent my whole life being told how different I am and how that is not a good thing. Almost all of the things today that I value I have had to keep in spite of being told how terrible they were for me, for others or in general. A lot of things have been lost along the way and I have the inspiration and the motivation now to go get them.

The article spawned my first ever really busy art journal page… full of tip ins and fold out pages and thoughts that were all over the place. Including printing the article and taping it in so that I have it as a part of the post.

And then there is the little mini-journal… my response TO the items in the article… the ways that it made me feel and the things that I thought… so I altered a mailer from the US Marines recruitment center that came to my house… only the most "outside" cover has not been done yet.

Quite a lot going on in this little space of a single journal, huh? :)  I LOVE IT!

I also sort of caught my momentum on the DLP journal I've been doing… I have my focus… marketing and growing my business. The week 4 assignment… journal and then cover your message except for one word… Marketing was my word.

Week 5… create a border around an entry… LMAO… lots of borders… lots of ways… words, doodles, painted pictures and images… colored tape…

 And this was just for my own self only, a follow up to the disastrously shared entry…

Week 6: Go to Pinterest and allow yourself to be inspired by someone else's work… so I did a Prima doll by hand. I am not posting the picture that inspired it because EVERYONE compliments me on their picture instead of mine… and that upsets me some because I really thought I did a damned good job. And theirs was STAMPED… lol (must pack the ego, Ruth… remember, pack the ego. LOL)

*deep breath*

AND some other little bits and pieces… so that no one thinks I'm slacking or forgetting that my goal is to make money… 

making some journaling cards, post cards and other bits from my own artwork for me and for others…
I'll have them printed in a couple of weeks and put them up on my shop.

And playing with paper clay… these are ATCs…

And finally… blackboard journals inspired by a chalk board wall at a major art event a few years ago…

peace… keep yourself busy every day. all day. it is a moral imperative to fill each moment with things that you love to do, even if you're the only one who knows you love it.


  1. "it is a moral imperative to fill each moment with things that you love to do, even if you're the only one who knows you love it."

    Best quote ever, cannot agree enough! ILY!

  2. Wow! You are so creative and talented Ruth. I love what you did with the Recruitment brochure. That cracked me up!

  3. Lots of awesome art here! Love!


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