How to Use Someone Else's Art In Your Journal and Turning Words Into Art

This is just a little thing that means a real lot to me.

When you're feeling like you have no art in you there are solutions.

You can use a clipping from a magazine and doodle on it. You can deface an old photograph of yourself or others that you have found in your ephemera. And you can use stickers.

The ladies at Wonderstrange are amazing. They provide literally dozens of little free doodles and sketches as digital stamps that you can download and use for free.

This is a digital stamp from Wonderstrange that leapt onto the page and added that little something to what was otherwise sort of a blah day.

By turning my text around the pictures and using the page in a non-traditional direction I was able to both utilize the digital stamps from Wonderstrange and also to incorporate some of my own art in a similar style to tie the stickers to my own entry. Changing directions of text can really alter the look of a regular written journal entry.

Or take known shapes like letters and numbers and make them into art.

There are lots of ways to make a page look more artsy than you're really feeling and, as a result, wake up the creative person in you who may just have been taking a snooze.


  1. OMG! I hadn't even thought of using digis in an art journal entry, but OF COURSE! Such a brilliant idea - and a great way to add hand drawn work if you're uncertain of your own drawing abilities (or just don't have a drawing in you that day)! Fabulous! *Applause*

    1. why thank you my very gracious inspiration! :D You guys rock SO much! How could I not be thrilled to use your stamps in my journals on days when I don't feel up to the artwork myself? Now to create my own cool dudes from your prompts!

  2. Yeah it really is brilliant!! I love how you've incorporated the images and made the words work within your own day's experiences... Pure genius.

    I also REALLY dig your 12(2) logos!! So so cute!

    1. the 12 squared logos are actually to show how to use fonts and make them your own... they'll be alright for my jewelry stuff... :D I'm still trying to find the fangs in my stuff. LOL


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