on pet rocks and gelli plates...

I recently participated in a Round Robin Journal swap with a friend of mine. I needed a pet rock. Accidents happened… and then inspiration… paper clay rocks.

flying out to find a new friend tomorrow… unnamed because she isn't mine. she's a real hot mama, though.
Ned the Red… I think he needs a magnet butt… I really do.
Also unnamed and leaving town tomorrow…
Earl the World… he might hang out forever in his pouch, or until I think of someone who needs him more than I do. Right now he makes me smile.
I don't know his name, he was kidnapped by honey the second they met. I suspect he will be hanging out monitoring honey's productivity at work.
The last of the unnamed travelers… he's going to tuck in with his friends and head out for his new home tomorrow. Wish him well.

Paper clay is a modeling medium that will air dry. IF you are impatient (and I am) I would recommend no more than 215 fahrenheit for short periods of time to slow dry it in the oven… and even then sometimes paper clay forms a skin and the steam blows the project up like a pillow. For fake pebbles I was a little braver than I'd be with a larger project.

I made little pebble-ish shapes, let them dry (and encouraged them in the oven) and then painted them flat colors, then embellished with metallics, black, white and pen… then sprayed them with sealer only to see their mouths disintegrate because I let the sealer puddle… oops. I rescued the mouths and then applied eyes and hair where appropriate. They are 1/4 the weight of rocks, which I like.

background brought to you by the 3x5 gelli plate and stencils that became a journal page and then, well… I don't know where it is going from here, and it was a lovely setting for my cute new friends.

that journal spread. 

Necklace crocheted with beads on the thread… sending to a friend that I said would get the first crocheted necklace. It also flies away tomorrow.
A charm for one of the necklaces I've been working on. I will make one for the 24 Hour Art-a-thon and post a TL;DR tutorial of the steps… and then… well… moar earrings because I went and got moar rock candy. (Dyed howlite - if you believe in such things this is a gem/stone known for it's calming effects and for enhancing awareness. It is used to treat insomnia and to bring calm. It is also only ever found in big clusters and is known as white turquoise and can be dyed, often to turquoise hues. LOL)

note the clever use of the gelli prints as jewelry cards. LOL

anyway… I've done other stuff… and have SO much more to do that I should be away now.


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