You can joke and it's real.

Being prepared can take the stress out of a thing.

I am getting ready for work, on the way to work, at work, on the way home from work and getting UN-ready after work for 10 hours a day, sometimes more when errands happen.

During that time I might have time for some sketching, and I always have time for a ballpoint pen and a piece of paper and some planning or doodling.

A lot of my creativity happens while I'm otherwise doing something else because I don't want to lose it.

I read a poem by a man named Rod McKuen and it stuck with me for a lifetime. "Ideas are few, another might not come by soon." What an awesome and terrifying truth.
(The days are out of order on purpose)

Baskets are VERY important in my life… some people use envelopes… I like to be able to SEE what I have in front of me

And things already finished. Some hostess gifts… some other bits and pieces… some things for my shop or for the farmer's market stand starting in a couple of months. All tidy and pretty and easily gotten to in a tray on a shelf. Ned is back there peeking out over some post cards… lol

The long and short of it here is this… have everything you need and have a plan and all you need from there is just the time to do it.

And we're about to have the time… set aside a few hours or even the whole day for your art and creativity and then come and share it with us on Saturday, March 21 at the 24 Hour Art-a-thon. We'd love to see  you there!


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