Serenity Garden Yarns are Willow Guppie Yarns... I think...

Like mixed media painting on textured backgrounds, this yarn makes my heart happy. 
like a bowl of flower petals
 LOOK at the color variation
the way the colors blend and become something different each time 
I found this yarn entirely by accident in a bin at Joann's while I was looking for something else and had an instant love of it. I didn’t even know what exactly it was going to become… I just knew that it would have to become something. I made some circles, and some hexagons and some flowers and I played with it and I bought some more of it and I made some scarves.

This Queen Anne's Lace scarf above was taught to me in literally the time it took to watch the video by CrochetChiq demonstrating a pattern from AllFreeCrochet one time.

So… first the “not starting out so well” part of my experience.

Knots are not so fun. Understandable, and not fun. I've had this experience AND/OR sections of yarn without dye now in different dye lots and in about 1/8 of the skeins I've used. 

This yarn is delicate but not fragile. How they're hurting it in manufacture is a question mark for me, and they aren't doing as good of quality control as I'd wish they would.

This yarn is a microfiber strand made up of finer strands, and is very easy to “split” with your hook. Being microfiber it also “repairs” VERY easily. You can repair a pull by backing out, picking up a stitch before the separation occurred and drawing the yarn on the hook (or needle) up and through your existing stitch past the separation and then pulling it back out of the stitch to tighten around your hook (or needle) again, just like with any yarn. The fibers rejoin and will loop well on the second pass through.

I found that my most trouble came from getting ahead of myself.
Now for the good stuff.

 Serenity Garden - Sea

Serenity Garden - Hydrangea

Serenity Garden: Bouquet
 Serenity Garden: Orange Tree
Serenity Garden - Hibiscus

Serenity Garden - Spring Water

Serenity Garden - Crocus

Serenity Garden - Mountain Heather
Serenity Garden - Twilight

Serenity Garden - Gems 
First, the color. The colorways are beautiful and vibrant and stand up to washing. (Cool wash, low dry.)

The feel and “drape” of the yarn is exceptional. Soft, strong and just a little bit solid. This is not a fragile yarn. This is not a heavy yarn. This is a super soft subtle yarn that has substance. This yarn feels expensive. You'll have to work with it to know what I mean.

Serenity Garden yarn wants to become a thing. Right from the skein it wants to be created. Flat projects, textured projects, open lacy projects. 

At less than $5 a skein, much less if you buy direct from Premier Yarns and in bulk, you can't beat it. It is a short skein, my scarf took 9 balls… and so it gets pricey for bigger projects.

ANYONE can use this yarn to make ANYTHING. It will split if you hurry, it easily repairs and it is forgiving. This is not an expert yarn. Dollies will be floppy, and if you're making a baby lovey that's just what you need. The material also makes itself very washable, so baby items are really well made using this yarn. In fact, it's sold as a baby yarn by Herrschner's. :D

willow yarns' guppie duplicates texture, weight, fiber composition and colorways and includes solids that coordinate with the variegated colors. (I won't go so far as to say that they're the same yarn because I can't say that without knowing... and... close enough for government work. LOL)
I looked a really long time to find this and this makes me VERY happy... I have very many light weight yarns in a variety of fibers that includes bamboo and cotton trying to find a solid to go with this yarn. I have now used both brands and there's really nothing different to add about Guppie except that it's cheaper at $3.99, your Herrschner's discount applies to the purchase as do their coupons and they agree that this is perfect for baby stuff as many of their patterns are for baby loveys and blankets and clothes! 
Well, and when I've worked my way through my current stash of both of these mixed it will likely be the Guppie that refills the stash because straight out of the gate it's cheaper to buy and the skeins are a little longer and thinner so storage is easier. LOL