Bonita Yarns Dream Baby Yarn Review

Bonita Yarns - Dream Baby
I found this yarn in a search for crocodile stitch instructions… Bonita Yarns sells patterns for crocodile stitch goods and they craft and make tutorials for this stitch that are completely mind blowing. The yarns they offer seem to be yarns that they like and use themselves. The products are awesome, the patterns are divine and the little attention to details are awesome. 

I got a cool little bag/backpack AND little packets of sweets to go with my first purchase of yarn. I have already purchased from them two more times (two of my orders are overlapping… there's one on the way and I just placed another.) UPDATE: I have now had three completed orders and have one pending from this company. Their attention to detail remains some of the highest and most amazing I've encountered. I highly highly recommend this little company.

Dream Baby is 100% acrylic, manufactured in Turkey and band "branded" for Bonita Yarns. It comes in some really incredible colorways. More will post when I get them. My overall experience of them is so favorable that I cannot say enough awesome things about the company. I have other types of yarn from them that will be reviewed later.

  Jon said if I made it he would wear it… a psychedelic lemur hat! LOL

1. Color - wow… vibrant, beautiful and true to advertising. I'm in love with what I have so far. 

2. Feel - this is a light yarn. It is soft, and somehow also feels "insubstantial." I can't describe it better than that. It seems lighter than it should be. The shawls above feel strangely light, not just delightfully light. UPDATE: this lightness seems to be indicative of the materials, not the yarn itself. I have it on higher authority that this is just the way acrylic yarns can feel.

3. Flexibility. This yarn can be felted, it is soft and strong. Shawls, hats, blankets… this is a great yarn for tons of projects.

4. Cost. The Dream Baby line of yarns is one of the best bargains offered by Bonita Yarns. It is light and builds up quickly and at $5.50 per ball it is incredibly frugal! I got three hats from a single skein and have yarn left over. The shawls above were less than two skeins each. A dream, baby… for sure.
5. Applicability. I had extreme trouble with two of 4 skeins of the Dream Baby yarn I ordered in the Violet Fields Shades colorway, though. The first skein just had to be constantly babied and untangled, but pulled from the middle with relative ease. The next tangled so mercilessly that it is still in a bag because in trying to untangle it I managed to create a 500 yard knot that is still a disaster. In the photo above you're looking at the guts that came out with the first tug of the skein from the inside. This is still a yarn that is broadly applicable to any level of knitting or crochet project, it is just tightly wound in the middle and has a tendency to tangle. For the faint of heart or easily frustrated (I fall into the later of these) I recommend just unwinding from the outside. I would also recommend that you pay attention to washing instructions and craft gifts accordingly. COLD WASH DO NOT DRY OR IRON.
UPDATE: I've now used more than 10 skeins of the dream baby yarn, and while there are still troubles with knotting, it is not the trouble I had from the skein pictured above. 

I have edited the text above.

Overall, this is a company that prides themselves on great customer service from fast shipping and easily understood website and item descriptions to providing really wonderful products at really great prices. :D