Mary Maxim Prism Yarns

Mary Maxim Prism Yarns
And it's flatly gorgeous. And feels so soft and fluffy… sometimes. And that's really the problem. :(

This is a roving yarn, so it is irregular. And saying that is like saying that there are different sizes of flowers in the world. It understates a really BIG thing that can actually matter a lot more than you think. This yarn can go from fluffy almost chunky novelty yarn size all the way down to embroidery floss in just a couple inches.

Overall this is gorgeous and I will use it to complete the other gift it was purchased for… and I doubt I'll be buying it again, regardless of the positives of which there are many.

 the lovely lady Kennedy modeling Freya's scarf for me… :D She's a ladies XSMALL.

 Mary Maxim Prism - Raindrop

Mary Maxim Prism - Raindrop under Arctic Air

Mary Maxim Prism - Arctic Air

The colors of this yarn are magnificent. LOOK at them! This yarn is delicious and the colorways are both vibrant an delightfully changing. They want to be seen and enjoyed and admired, right in the ball!

This yarn is soft, supple… and frail. This yarn goes from crochet thread thickness to chunky novelty yarn thickness and is a roving style yarn, so it CAN (and did on one occasion) pull apart like a cotton ball. I feel "fairly" certain that normal wear and tear on this garment will not cause it to come apart. I am not certain, however, and that worries me. It is so fun to pet and curl up with that I believe this "not for everyday wear" item will be fine, and it still has me worried.

You can see that it makes gorgeous crocodile stitch AND flat crochet. Because of the constant shift in thickness I'd say it's better for more irregular or artistic applications than it might be for a project where you needed consistency, though. For what I'm using it for this is an alright yarn.

The cost of the smaller shawl was $30 and I'll get about the same cost for a much larger one by having paid attention to pricing and buying the yarn from Amazon on a special deal - and this yarn is really mercurial for price even on Amazon… between $6 and $19 per skein.

Roving yarns can pull apart, this is furry and doesn't want to pull back out if you make a mistake and because of the weight changes in just a few inches of yarn I'd recommend that a beginner avoid this yarn. This is a more experienced yarn and I'm right at the limits of my own ability to work with it and have had to cut out and back up as a result.