cookies… LOL

The hardest part really is figuring out the photography and staging for Etsy. *le sigh*

 a dozen new critters… still inspired by Sarah of Wonderstrange because she is really THAT epic. You should go check her out… really… and Ann… because they're that cool. 

 fancy hanger for family… because I can.
 we do not all go down without a fight
 someday I'll do fewer worried faces… they just crack me up
 chocolate chips are great… :D
 this is my favorite… LOL

Cookies are cute… and hilarious. Not cute enough. I am being asked for something "cuter." LOL ugh!

Aluminum foil armature (think skeleton) under Super Sculpey… do what you're gonna do to sculpt and mold it… baked 280 degrees F for 20 minutes (I used liquid sculpey too and it wants 5 extra minutes) painted with acrylic paint. A lot. Sealed with polyurethane spray. Custom hangers are antique bronze 20 gauge craft wire and some beads from a big tin on my desk. I had the bags from a Halloween thing I did… nifty.

Gingerbread men next.



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