SO many jewelry ideas and so little time… :D

Can she make it?


Will she do it all by her deadlines?

The past suggests that the more pressure to make the deadline the less likely she is to finish.

So there is no pressure here. Just TONS of fun things.

polymer clay in cabochon trays… from theVioletRoom

 puffy hearts… soon also stars… 

creative packaging including these cute bowls that are also drawstring bags, cookie bags and many other ways to package and gift the bajillion and one projects I'm currently doing.

What's on the list?
6 dozen ornaments that include bitten cookies, eyeball stars and blingy felt pickles
4-5 dozen different necklace and earring charms of at least 5 different types
3 dozen magnets
3 dozen desk sitters
6 "bulb" rings
6 "bulb" necklace charms
1 dozen glass locket ornaments with original art and photographs
1 UBER charm bracelet for my boss
1 dozen scarves
1 dozen hats
1 shawl for Stephanie
1 blankie for mama

So yeah… lets see, shall we? :D
I have cookies to bite!


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