Worms… because worms…

What you will need to make your own creepy worms...
 Some polymer clay, a pencil, a toothpick or straight pin, approximately 6" square of aluminum foil, and some acrylic paint. Presumed here are paint brushes.
 start by making a rough wormy shape out of aluminum foil - compress it well
 wrap your foil worm in a thin layer of polymer clay (this one is only coincidentally also brown)
 I know, the brown color makes this a little alarmingly poopy looking, bear with me, the final product is awesome AND creepy… and not poopy
 bend your worm into a wormy shape - be aware that right now the polymer clay may be "sticking" the worm down and it won't really be balanced after baking, so try to get it to stand in your hand or on waxed paper to check the "balance"
I added lines like creases at the bends and gave him the little wormy structure near his tail - the amount of realism that you are looking for is entirely up to you… remember, this is a clay worm with teeth
 add eye sockets with a pencil eraser, it looks grody or unfinished, it will be better soon
also make a mouth groove with the sharpened end of the pencil - or with the straight pen and open it broad enough to take a little tiny worm of clay later
 roll 2 smallish balls of clay and insert them into the sockets for the eyes, and one tiny worm of clay that will fit into the mouth that you made.
I used the straight pin to draw the teeth in on this worm because a smily toothy worm is creepy, I think… worms with teeth in general are sort of weird and scary to me.
 bake your completed polymer clay worm at 275-280 degrees fahrenheit for 15 minutes or follow the directions on the package and once he is cooled you can PAINT HIM… I went for semi-realism here (again, teeth and eyes…) and painted mine brown and gave him some black accents

You can totally do this with modeling clay, real pottery clay or paper clay… have fun and make lots of awesome freaky creatures today… and if you happen to make some worms with teeth, please share them on our Facebook feed.