The Big Dig… Holiday Blast 2015 part Uno

this is the only wordy part of what will now become a TL;DR post… it will be adjusted through the days between now and Dec 13th…

the stage… 
(not pictured is the pile of tools at the left side floor of the desk)

the todo in no particular order:
totem towers
button snowmen
kelly gifts
charm necklaces
penny necklaces
earring brown bag kits
necklace brown bag kits
sample brown bag packages
mom/clay blankie
patti bunny/blankie bag
glass charm ornaments
glass charm necklaces
aged baby blocks
aged big blocks
desk sitters
concrete diffusers
12 days of Christmas for Ruby
etsy appreciation gifts
office gifts
2 bags for Jane
1 bag for Jon
scarf for Jac
scarf and hat for Blair
elf hats for Sven and Oli
finish painting pendants
jolly holly for the Jollys
hand drawn hand painted pendants for friends/ornaments

the outcomes will be posted one at a time and removed from the list above in subsequent posts… in the hope that they will be done. "additional notes" may include: baked, sorted, crafted or completed

EDIT: yellow highlight includes items completed this year in time for gifting


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