Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Prints and Solids

Like the Serenity Garden yarns, the Everyday Soft Prints and Solids are at the very top of my list of yarns when I am contemplating a project. Seriously. I actually ask myself if this new thing will work with the yarn instead of the other way around. I love it this much!

I find the colors to be bold bright and consistent in the solids and to be absolutely dreamy in the prints. I have no idea where they get the NAMES for the colors and it doesn't really matter... the COLORS... I swoon. I love them so much that I actually sit and look at them and am always happy inside when I am working with them. Yes, weird and also yes gorgeous.

This yarn is SO soft. The drape is hard to give structure to, I will warn in advance. Pussy hats will droop a bit and that's just fine because in every other way this yarn is amazing. This wants to be a lovely scarf or gloves. This yarn wants to make a sweater that clings lovingly and gorgeously to your curves and lay against your neck and invite you to pet it. I'm not kidding. Wrap baby in this yummy stuff and mommy will want to snuggle, too... better, make mommy shrugs and baby cocoons that match and everyone can be pleased as punch! Even men love how supple and lovely this yarn feels and beanies are delightfully soft and warm.

The only negative is that this yarn isn't easily structured because it wants to lay down and be cuddly. This makes awesome fluffy stuffies but isn't as great for amigurumi and, as mentioned above, it's not as great for the pussy hats that are very popular right now. Otherwise I haven't found a project that this yarn is not absolutely divinely matched to. I mean that. Blankets, gloves, floppy dolls, fingerless gloves, beanies, baby cocoons, shrugs and shawls and ponchos and scarves. This yarn wants to come and play with you whatever you're doing. I haven't tried it as bags because of the structure thing and I don't view it as a negative.

This yarn isn't cheap. It isn't a budget breaker and it isn't cheap. Because it is so lovely and can be gotten on sale I won't ding it for this... and be warned. Premier yarns charges a lot for their own products. The skeins aren't big, either. At the Premier site you will usually pay $4.99 for 203 yards and at Herrschner's it's priced right now at $3.79 each. I watch for sales and have gotten this yarn for as little as $2.50 a skein, which is a steal. I mean it... just using this yarn raises the sale price or gifting pleasure hugely because it feels like a million bucks.

This is a simple yarn to use. I wouldn't recommend it as a beginner yarn just because it isn't always as cheap and there are dye lots, so if you underestimate the number of skeins you needed you may not be able to match it readily on the second purchase. Because it is so soft, however, I would recommend it to someone trying out a new baby pattern and would just suggest you buy one more skein than the pattern recommends just in case.

Overall you can tell I'm a drooling fool for this yarn. The colors. Like Serenity Garden and some of the others I just really love whatever Turkish devils are designing and manufacturing this delightfully soft and incredibly beautiful stuff. I would move there and work there just to touch it every day. Really. I would.


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