Lion Brand Color Waves Yarn

This is one of the prettiest and most fun yarns I've had the pleasure of working with.

I tested color pooling this winter and found that this yarn really is fun to use for this... and also makes pretty dragonscale/crocodile stitch gloves and fluffy wonderful hats.
There aren't a lot of yarns like this on the market, not really. I love the color changes and while I had a lot of correcting to do for the color pooling, I haven't found a single machine made or hand dyed product that doesn't require that. The colors are vivid and pleasing and the Playground colorway pictured here is fun no matter how you mix it. All four colors I have used are delightful, though Playground was the only one I managed to get good pooling from.

This yarn is so soft that I'm sorry I can't pet it. Lovely feel and consistent weight so that there's a lovely fabric made from it even in moss stitch. Lovely fabric wants to be warm, and for a lighter yarn it is kind of bulky so I'd even say it has good structure.

I honestly have only used this yarn for color pooling scarves, simple and more complex gloves and hats. I would think it would work well for heavier weight clothing items like poncho's and would be spectacular as a blanket, though I would recommend against baby items and stick to children's items just because the wool was enough to nab me and you wouldn't want to discover an allergy accidentally.

Overall I really like this yarn and will finish the skeins I have and will even consider making custom orders with it for people who want it.


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