premier sweet roll yarns

This is a very workable yarn. I have read reviews that listed it as not very soft and I disagree completely. Of the 8 colorways I have purchased of this yarn all of them are soft and drape well and feel good. Fluffy, good vibrant colors and occasionally speckles of other colors throughout so that there's a feel of rustic goodness that is hard to find in other yarns. Not one of them is stiff or irregular the way that Super Saver yarns can be or loosely spun the way that the Big Twist yarns tend to be.

I love accidental drips and changes in color as much as I like irregularities in the yarn color and colorway (see other yarns I've used.)

So... Sweet Roll.
The color is actually great... lush and vibrant with occasional little spots and dots that might be accidental and do not seem to be as they occur in all rolls like planned accidents of spotted color. Annnd... color breaks are icky.

Soft and fluffy and well spun so that there's no strand separation as you're going along. This is an awesome weight and thickness and works up big and beautiful and cuddly. Soft enough for baby and delicious for anyone.

I have made big girl clothes, baby blankets, toys and even hair ties from this yarn. This is an incredibly flexible and friendly yarn. My extra bits are being used to make throw pillows because I would love to have my face on this yarn.

If you purchase it on sale this is a great yarn at a reasonable cost. If you buy it from Premier it is more expensive at regular price than it is from re-sellers. I am not sure why this is almost always the case, and it is. Premier yarns are just cheaper everywhere but the manufacturer. Herrschner's gets this yarn so deeply discounted that they can always offer it at a cost less than the manufacturer and regularly put it on sale... Premier has it only occasionally on sale. The difference is $4.99 for 245 yards (5 oz.) on the Premier site on a daily basis vs. about $3.33-.50 per roll at other sellers or on sale at Premier. It isn't a big roll.

The idea of self striping yarns is that they self stripe... the problem is that these yarns (by design, I mean, I do KNOW that this isn't a "fixable" problem... and it is still an issue for me) come off the machine at different points in each colorway so if you're trying to avoid lots of tying this really isn't any more effective than any other yarns. I had to cut and tie and continue often in order to keep the stripes aligned in my work.

Overall I love this yarn and am torn... I've bought a few and am playing with them and will have fun using them but likely will not buy them again. I think I'm just less of a lover of unplanned planned stripes than I wanted to be! LOL

In the future I think I will continue to sew in my ends and do a lot of tying and just stick to the Deborah Norville Everyday yarns which are equally soft and supple and well spun and come in so many colors that I could combine them forever.

Annndd... that said, these make amazing striped shawls and throws... I've been playing with them for months this way and find that it's one of the best applications for this soft hard break striped yarn... and I can even mix my colorways and not care so much about transitions.