Fair Isle Yarn Liberty is my new Go-To Yarn

Liberty 200 (size of ball) by Fair Isle

I love this stuff. I received 3 cans in different colorways from Amazon thanks to my boyfriend and then I used my tax return to order 2 big shipments.

Storybook Ending, Flora and Powder... in order...
Lots of the mix for Neons because finding them anywhere else is a drama... also Lipstick, the Beach tin mix in bigger skeins for a turtle blankie or possibly little pillows for the boy, Grass Green and then both grays, black and Cloud

I will still use Red Heart Super Saver because it really is the industry standard... in so much as most of us have been using it along the way. And this new yarn... yepyepyep... this new yarn may slowly edge the industry standard right out of my home.

Some of these are your granny's colors to be sure... and the "peach" was used as the base for donuts because it is a little earthier than bright... and the colors are still amazing! Bright, clear pops of color and soft matte finish means that they stay true even in photos. I have had occasion to look for neons and this company has them all... and the cans can suggest combinations that you might not think of on your own.

This is a fluffy soft fun yarn. It stays soft and pliable even when worked down into an amigurumi doll with a hook 1/2 the size recommended. It does get dense, I would warn that wearables of the sweater and shawl variety should be on a bigger hook than recommended if you want them to drape. Remember, this is a worsted weight yarn that is sold as a "craft" yarn... it isn't exactly a fashion yarn. Fair Isle has plenty of those out there that are gorgeous, reviews when I have the time. :D

At $3.50 per 353 yards of fluffy soft yarn and free shipping over $50 in the US I am not sure you can find a better value for the product without finding a sale somewhere. It competes side by side with Red Heart Super Saver and Caron brands and the new exciting colors are... well... new and exciting! You would have to see for yourself by ordering a can and touching and working with it. Side by side this yarn is as good or better than Red Heart Super Saver solids.

My only downside because I'm lazy (I have heard this from knitters often) is that this yarn requires a lot of screwing around with the balls. It looks like a center pull ball and isn't. I have found that I stay in love with this yarn without even a moment of gripe if I remember that and just cake it from the outside as I go.

Overall this is a yarn that will make excellent slippers and mittens and shawls and scarves and ponchos and afghans and dolls... I feel like that covers all of the applicability that you could be looking for in a low cost gorgeous and soft yarn. This is my new yarn... honestly. I've beaten it up in the washer, I've made things that are 2" tall and I've made things that are huge from it. I adore the colors, the texture and the price of this yarn so much that I'm already creating patterns to use it with! LOL
mini bunny used up all of the Butter yarn ball in the Powder tin... what's on the keyboard is all that was left. it is safe to say mini amigurumi can be made from the balls in the tins and that even larger ones can be made from the tins if you're clever and mix them up...
this ami cat used all of the Flora tin and leftovers can be seen behind his elbow... :D I cheated and used some Cloud from the Powder tin for his foot, muzzle and ear tip. (click the link for this amazing pattern... I used a 4.5mm hook so he's giant and wonderful!)

donuts... with faces... :D I can never resist food with a face... Powder assortment (the peach is the donut base) Note... tomato is actually Premier Home Cotton and is a different review. He is sitting in the donut base because I thought he was hilarious.


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