Super Fast Flowerling Pet and FREE STUFF!

Who doesn't love flowers on their desks? Particularly super soft stuffies that don't have pollen or require water?

This super fast little dude is the perfect gift for friends or family or for that new co-worker who needs a little something on their desk.

He is a medium to advanced beginner project and not too hard to undertake if you know the required stitches. He took me about 30 minutes to complete... so he's a perfect little thing.

And if you comment to this post you will be entered to win the mini skeins pictured at the top of this post with the pair of Flowerlings along with the stuffing and eyes to make your own cute Flowerling Pet. That's 3 mini skeins of awesome yarn from Fair Isle Yarn along with a pair of 15 or 18mm safety eyes, some stuffing and perhaps even a stitch marker.

Flowerling Pet Amigurumi

2 colors of bulky weight yarn
5mm crochet hook
stitch marker
darning or sock needle
2 safety eyes 15 or 18mm (you can go bigger or smaller to your tastes)

m/c = magic circle
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
sc = single crochet
tc = treble or triple crochet
sl = slip stitch (this is how I finish off)
inc = increase (2 stitches in the space of one)
dec = decrease (2 stitches combined)
flo = front loop only
blo = back loop only
f/o = finish off
(#) = number of stitches in this round

Real quick again... a reminder... FLO or Front Loop Only

When you look at the stitch you see a V shape made up of 2 pieces of yarn... 
front loop only means you work in the front part of that V... back loop only is only the back
part of that V and standard crochet is through both loops of the V

so... flo or front loop only... 
and on the next round you will work in the stitch we're leaving behind this time.

This pattern is worked in the round and color changes are noted in the instructions for that round. If it helps your mind read Round 2 as 2a and Round 3 as 2b and the same for Round 4 as 4a and Round 5 and 4b because first you are working the front loop around and then the back loop of the same stitches. It works out, I promise. :D

Flower and Body
Round 1: begin with body color - sc 6 in m/c and pull tight, tie off after Round 3 (6)
Round 2: flo - sl, ch 3, sl in same stitch and repeat around (6)
Round 3: blo inc in each around - color change (see pictures below for color change) on last stitch, do not cut body color, just carry it since you're only working the second color for half of one row (12)
Round 4: flo hdc, dc, tc in first stitch, tc, dc, hdc, sl in next and repeat around - cut and tie off petal color (6 petals)
return to main body color again for the rest of the Flowerling body.
Round 5: blo sc + inc around (18)
Round 6: 2 sc + inc around (24)
Round 7: sc in each around (24)
Round 8: 3 sc + inc around (30)
Rounds 9 - 11: sc in each around (30)
Work the decreases in the next 2 rounds in flo to make them less obvious
Round 12: 2 sc + dec around (24)
Add safety eyes - I placed mine between rows 9 and 10 with 7 stitches between them
Round 13: sc + dec around (18)
Round 14: blo dec around (12)
Round 15: dec around (6)
Stitch the last stitches together and sew shut, lose end inside doll

The Color Change...
 on last stitch of this round yarn over and pull through like regular sc so both loops on the hook are the same color - and then pull new color through both loops instead of the color you have been using
 this way... see that the pink color appears "as if from nowhere" before the next stitch?
this shows the start of the next round - flo leaving back loop to be worked 
in the other color on the next round. :D
(you can just see the apricot color under my finger on the back side with the pink end)

These parts are worked in a single round and then are crocheted together around the outside.

Feet (make 2 - do not tie off or finish the second heart shape, you will crochet the pair together)
Use the color that you used for the petals if you would like a little bit more pop of color.
Round 1: create a m/c and work the following: ch 3, 3 dc, 3 hdc, dc, 3 hdc, 3 dc, ch 3 sl into ring then draw it tight.
Finish off first heart shape. Leave ends as they add a little fullness when the two parts are assembled. Do not finish off the second heart shape.
After completing the second heart put wrong sides together with right sides facing out so that the hearts match up and then sl into the same stitch of the working heart and the completed heart at once then begin the next round.
Remember to crochet through the stitches on both of the hearts around.
Round 2: 3 hdc, hdc inc, 3 sc, sc ch sc in bottom of heart, 3 sc, hdc inc, 2 hdc. ch 1 and turn
Round 3: sc in each stitch around and sl in last stitch of the first round of original heart. f/o and leave long string for attaching to body of Flowerling.

Choose the side of the feet that you like better - I usually leave the last round that was right side up facing up, and it's entirely up to you.

With top of heart facing the front of the Flowerling stitch into the 6 stitches of the bottom of the Flowerling and back through the feet all the way around so that his feet are securely attached. Tie off and lose end of yarn into the doll.

You can try different flower patterns for the top... you can attach leaves or vines or ribbon or other pieces to your little seed of a guy... whatever strikes you. They're really fun once you get going and you can use any weight yarn and adjust the space in the stitches by going down at least one full crochet hook size from whatever is recommended on the packaging.

Here is another example using worsted weight for the petals and chunky for the body of the doll.

 his hair is a little wilder because his petals are a little wilder... :D 

your possibilities are truly endless... 

Remember... comment below for a chance to win the yarns, stuffing and eyes to make your own little Flowerling Pet.

(a note to those wondering: when I use a specific yarn I will show that yarn in the photos... that way you know what I used and have an image of it. I occasionally wind troublesome skeins or balls into cakes and so will try to photo the skein before it gets turned into a cake.)


  1. He is adorable! I will give it a try and post my picture. Thanks for sharing your sweet pattern.

  2. Thank you, laace! I look forward to seeing what you make! post it to knitterbedamned so I can see.

  3. So cute. I don't post much in the group, but I love seeing and reading what everyone is doing.

    1. hey mom! nice to see you. I am the same. I was going to do the drawing tomorrow... and I don't have enough of the pink color left to give away 2 sets... do you have another color you like and I'll send you supplies for an amigurumi and a different 3rd color?


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