butterfly friendship bracelet

these gorgeous little things are almost as simple as the flowers once you have made one... and SO rewarding... with 2 shapes now you can make mixtures and different patterns... or add them to other projects...
What You Need
3.5mm crochet hook
sock or fingering weight yarn
yarn or darning needle
a charm/button/bead to use as a clasp

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
tc = treble or triple crochet
sl = slip stitch

- you will be using a "puff" stitch to form the body of your butterfly. this is done by pulling up a loop, yarning over and pulling up 2 more loops instead of making them into stitches... here is a link to a puff stitch tutorial that I find is very clear. Crochet Guru Puff Stitch  (I end mine by pulling the hook through all but the last stitch on my hook and then sc in the top of the stitch to hold it more securely, this is just a style thing because I learned a lot of crochet from watching Russian tutorials and following without the sound on.)
- I used all color changing yarns because I love the way they look, solids are also really lovely with this simple pattern
- leave a long tail so that you can stitch your clasp or charm onto the chain, if you are using a bead you may be able to start right from the knot

butterfly friendship bracelet
this pattern is worked in whole butterflies and so I will describe it in logical order
1. if you are using a bead knot it onto the yarn before you begin - otherwise chain 7 and tc in the 4th chain from hook (this forms the frame for your butterfly) and ch 4
2. working around the loop of your "frame" 3 tc, 3 dc, ch 2, sc, ch 2, 3 dc, ch 2 sc, work another sc to one side or the other of your center chain that forms the bracelet, sc, ch 2, 3 dc, ch 2, sc, ch 2, 3 dc, 3 tc, ch 4 and work a sc into the same stitch where your first ch 4 started
3. ch 2 and turn so that you are facing the bottom of the butterfly, sl into the center sc at the bottom and work a puff stitch that is as long as your ch 3 with 4 loop overs (7 loops on hook) and turn the butterfly again to secure your puff stitch back at the top. sc through the first ch loop AND the first stitch where the beginning and end of your butterfly are. (I know, I can't think of a clearer way to say that so I provided a picture)
 from the back
from the front
4. ch 6 and tc in the 4th stitch from hook to form the frame, ch 4
Repeat steps 2 through 4 until your bracelet is long enough, then instead of ch 4, you will ch enough so that a loop will fit around your choice of clasp and sl into the same stitch where you started your chain and f/o and sew in your ends.  ALWAYS CHECK THE FIT BEFORE YOU TIE OFF AND SEW IN YOUR END... :D

If you want to alternate flowers and butterflies remember to keep 2 stitches between your items (or 3 if you want the bracelet and spaces longer) and THEN the number of stitches to form each "frame" for what you're making... flowers are 3 and butterflies are 4...

Have fun. I really can't wait to see what you make. Please please please post on the Facebook group.


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