festival bags, cell phone bags and pouches for festival belts

I am only providing three patterns here on the grounds that you can figure out the other shapes from these... promise.
rectangle bags of different types, some with shoulder straps and some with flaps
mini pouch
rectangles, mini's and chapstick covers
these little bags are particularly flexible and are
awesome for using as purse bags, makeup bags, tourist bags, 
small cell phone purses, festival bags or even as bags to add 
to belts, other bags and to costumes, these cute little bags have a million and one uses

What You'll Need
worsted weight yarn in the color or colors of your choice
5.5mm crochet hook
yarn needle
a stitch marker or piece of string to use as one
embellishments as you would like them

sl = slip stitch
ch = chain
blo = back loop only, used to create a bend or folding place at bottom of holder
sc = single crochet
hdc = half double crochet
dc = double crochet
m/c = magic circle or magic ring, a slip knot used to tighten the center of a circle
f/o = finish off, I do this by using a slip stitch and sewing in my ends
(#) = number of stitches in the row or round

-when sewing pockets to the bags try to bury your stitches inside of your crocheted stitches
-when making ties or straps to attach pouches to bags measure while you're making to be sure they fit properly
-when attaching rings or metal to bags try to crochet them into the stitches to add stability
-you can skip a stitch or two to add holes for laces or ties to slip through, just ch and skip the next stitch and then continue with the belt pattern as described so that you now have a space to fit the ties through.

Extras first... an unadvertised extra freebie bit... a chapstick cover to hook to keychain or necklace.
Chapstick Cover
Round 1: 8 hdc in a m/c (8) - pull tight and sew in ends after Round 2
Round 2: blo hdc in each around (8) sew in your end now, it'll get too tight in here later
Rounds 3-6: hdc in each around (8)
Round 7: sc in each around (8) sl to end and ch 5 then sl into same stitch again
f/o and sew in your end
you can add a keychain ring, a hook or even loop your last chain through a fixed or closed jump ring before slip stitching down and finishing off so that it can hang from a necklace.
a little fringe and some beads would be nice... and aren't necessary.

stitched in with front facing forward and sewn along the top of the back
of pouch only, looks cockeyed because of the way I laid it down. LOL
The loop really is in the middle.
Half Round Pouch/Belt Bag
back of bag completes pattern below - front of bag ends at Row 8
finish front and back and tie in ends before attaching them together
ch 2 at end of each Row is first hdc of the following row

Row 1: hdc 5 in m/c (5) ch 2 and turn - pull tight and sew in end after Row 2
Row 2: hdc in first stitch by ch 2 then inc in each around (10) ch 2 and turn
Row 3: inc in 2nd stitch, hdc and inc around (15) ch 2 and turn
Row 4: hdc and inc, 2 hdc and inc around (20) ch 2 and turn
Row 5: hdc, hdc and inc, 3 hdc and inc around (25) ch 2 and turn
Row 6: hdc, 2 hdc and inc, 4 hdc and inc around (30) ch 2 and turn
Row 7: hdc, 3 hdc and inc, 5 hdc and inc around (35) ch 2 and turn
Row 8: hdc, 4 hdc and inc, 6 hdc and inc around (40) (this ends the front piece) ch 2 and turn
Row 9: hdc in each around (40) f/o and tie in ends on both parts (this ends the back piece)

sc front and back of bag with right sides facing out (just as the bag will be when finished) and front facing you so that sc edge forms pretty ridge - make sure you're going through both loops of both front and back of bag all the way around

-the next 3 rows are worked in the round, you will need a stitch marker to keep track of your starting stitch - add stitch marker to 1st stitch after you have worked it
-locate the middle of the back with right side of back of bag facing you - the middle is best found laying the bag flat and counting in from either side until your fingers touch - don't count the sc join (should be 5)

Round 1: sc and inc all the way around - add stitch marker after 1st stitch
Round 2: sc around
Round 3: sc around to last stitch, sl and ch 20 and sl into same stitch again to form closure loop
f/o and sew in ends.

attach button or bead to use as closure for bag and sew in ends

if attaching to belt or to another bag remember, sew through the two sl where your loop was formed as if they are separate crochets, in through one and out through the other or vice versa... it's ok to have 2 stitches in the same crochet on the belt or bag, and more secure than only sewing one of the stitches to the adjoining project.
Mini Pouch/Credit Card and Money Pocket
this main part of this project is worked in the round - you will need a stitch marker or piece of yarn to mark the starting stitch of each row after the first.
the flap is the only part worked back and forth while turning
double check your tension and length after you have finished the bottom of this pouch... if your stitches are slightly different than mine you may not have room in your pouch for a credit card. this pattern is NOT HARMED if you add 1 or 2 stitches to make it the right length.
-the hardest part of this pattern is the first row... you can do it. I believe in you.
Row 1: ch 14 and sc in 2nd ch from hook, then 12 more, 3 sc in last ch then turn and sc around the other side of the same chain ending with 3 sc in the last chain (30) - add stitch marker now
Row 2: inc in first stitch, 12 sc, inc in next stitch, 3 sc, inc in next stitch, 12 sc, inc in next stitch, 3 sc (34)
Row 3: blo sc in each stitch around (34)
Rows 4-13: sc in each stitch around (34)
you may have to shift yourself around by crocheting to an even spot to begin your flap
you want it to line up with the corner so that it can be 18 stitches wide, you might end up with as much as 2 stitches to line up properly depending on how tightly your first couple of rows lined up - begin Row 14 after being sure that you are at the edge and that 18 stitches will cover the back of the pouch but not wrap any sides or be uneven
Row 14: 18 sc, ch 1 and turn (18)
Rows 15-16: 17 sc, ch 1 and turn (18)
Row 17: dec, 13 sc, dec, ch 1 and turn (16)
Row 18: 15 sc, ch 1 and turn (16)
Row 19: dec, 11 sc, dec, ch 1 and turn (14)
Rows 20-21: 13 sc, ch 1 and turn (14)
this last row forms a finished edge and the closure loop
Row 22: 4 sc, ch 5, skip 4 and sc then sc around whole flap, open edge of pouch and back to start of the flap
f/o and sew in end
showing you that one is tied in place with a crocheted cord 
and the other is held in place using a crocheted band that
has been sewn to the back of the bag
Rectangle Pouch
this pattern is intended to make a pouch large enough to hold a cell phone... it is entirely customize-able... you can make it wider so that the phone lays on its side or taller so that the phone stands up... I chose taller because most of us aren't wide enough across the waist to still feel footloose and fancy free with our phone strapped across it.
this pattern is worked in the round, you may want a stitch marker after the first row
only the first row has a serious difficulty rating, and only if you've never done this before... you can do it. I know you can!
Row 1: ch 13, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc 10, sc 3 in last stitch, crochet back along the other side of the chain and sc 3 in last stitch (28) - add stitch marker
WOOOT! You did the hard part... from here its smooth sailing! :D
Row 2: inc in first stitch, 10 sc, inc next stitch, 3 sc, inc next stitch, 10 sc, inc next stitch, 3 sc (32)
Row 3: blo sc in each around (32)
Row 4: hdc in each around (32)
Row 5: sc in each around (32)
Rows 6-19: repeat rows 4 and 5 - double check your height (everyone's stitches are a little different so you may need a couple of extra rows - end on a sc row even if you have to add a couple of rows)
Row 20: locate the middle of the back of your pouch (this is preferential more than anything, you should be working from one of the corners on each row anyway...) and count the stitches to get there... in the middle stitch you want to sl, ch 14 and sl again to form your closing loop, otherwise sc around and f/o (33 if you count both sl)

add a button for your closure loop

yep... I told you it was easy peasy... embellish with fringe, badges, beads... whatever you would like!

So there you have it! Super easy bits and pieces. And so much fun to decorate and improvise as you go!
 you see the back of these above... both bags can be removed from the belt
circle has 2 chain ties fed through the belt and tied in a bow
rectangle has a strap on the back (crocheted rectangle and stitched it on)
wooden butterfly buttons are fancy all by themselves!
a little fringe and then I pulled 
the head off a fake flower and embellished with blossoms!

You get to decide... they're your bags!