Cute Crochet Garden Amigurumi Bowl - Spring Onions

Time to start filling our Crochet Bowl... today we also have some spring onions!
Worsted Weight Yarn in three colors, dark green, light green and white - I used Fair Isle Yarns Liberty in Grass, Citron and Cloud
4.5mm crochet hook
Safety Eyes - for these little guys I used 10mm
Yarn or Darning Needle
Poly Fil stuffing
Stitch Marker

SC = Single Crochet
MR = Magic Ring - a slip knot used to tighten the center of your first row down very snugly
DC = Double Crochet
SL ST = Slip Stitch
CH = Chain
INC = Increase
DEC = Decrease
F/O = Finish Off

Spring Onion and Leeks
Begin with dark green for Spring Onion, light green for Leek
Row 1: CH 14, work back along the foundation CH,  DC in 3rd CH from hook and then DC across to beginning (12)
Rows 2-10: CH 2 and turn (this counts as first DC of each row) and DC back across the row. (12)
Row 11: Change color to light green for Spring Onion only, continue with light green for Leek. CH 2 (this counts as first DC) and DC back across the row. (12)
Row 12: Change color to white for Leek only. CH 2 and DC back across the row (12)
Row 13: Change color to white for Spring Onion. CH 1 (this counts as first SC) and SC back across the row. Do not tie off or F/O... you will now join the spring onion top and begin the bulb at the bottom.
Round 1: Roll the spring onion top as shown, and SC around the roll you have created to join the tops and begin the bulb. It is difficult to see, I went through as many of the stitches in the roll on each SC around as I could, securing the center of the roll down while building the start of the bulb. (see photo) (8)
Round 2: SC then INC and repeat around (12)
Round 3: SC then INC and repeat around (18)
Round 4: 2 SC then INC and repeat around (24)
Rounds 5-7: SC around (24)
Add Safety Eyes between Rounds 6 and 7 with 6 stitches showing between them
Stuff the top of your onion's little head.
Round 8: 2 SC then DEC and repeat around (18)
Round 9: SC then DEC and repeat around (12)
Add more stuffing here to keep him round.
Round 10: DEC around (6) sew closed by looping needle through front loops only of the last row of stitches and then pulling tightly closed.

ONE DONE... add as many as you want to your Garden Amigurumi Bowl... we'll see you tomorrow with another fun toy!